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Welcome to Open Manufacturing PCR Wiki. Here's how to make your own NinjaPCR(, DNA amplifier from scratch without any background.

By making this, you will get not only essential tool for biohacking but also bunch of skills at once, including laser cutter, order PCB/metal parts/electric parts, soldering and Arduino, as we learned from other opensource projects. You can challenge PCB CAD, 3D CAD or metal CNC as stretch goal.

Contact us when you need support, kit or special parts not to change its 3d design (lid heater, hinge, latch, spring, aluminium tube holder).

News: Chrome App Store will be closed in the second half of 2017. Apps won't launch early 2018. Here is our upgrade plan.

News: CAM model is added to aluminium well block. Uploat it to Autodesk Fusion 360 to create your own.

News: Made in Hamamatsu, Japan

News: Made in Delhi, India

NinjaPCR 500.jpg

Rotate 3D model here

Getting started

Major changes from OpenPCR:
  1. Smaller (PC power unit to AC adapter)
  2. Smarter (AdobeAIR to ChromeApp)
  3. Support Multi OS (Windows, Mac, Linux and ChromeOS)
  4. LCD removed, App shows all informations including temperature graph
  5. Software auto update for new features (Mail alert scheduled)
  6. Reusable Arduino UNO (Arduino firmware is not killed for AdobeAIR)
  7. Reusable powerful Motor Driver Carrier (Not soldered to PCB)
Reusable items are expected to be used for other purposes like water pumping/purification before and after science class.
Minor changes from OpenPCR:
  1. PCB Design Rule Check cleared
  2. Easy to make metal parts (milling to bending)
  3. inch to mm
  • NinjaPCR is completely open under GNU GPLv3 license.
  • Recommend steps to make NinjaPCR from scratch with $200 are like this. Do it at your own risk.
  1. Get basic parts, category 1 to 5 of shopping list.
  2. Modify 3D model If you need to change something. Diameter of screw, positions of screw holes for hinge, higher heatsink and so on.
  3. Order or make special parts, category 6 and later based on your own 3D model.
  4. Refer below to cut, solder, assemble and calibrate.

Core parts


Lid Heater

Placed inside lid and screwed down by knob to meet the top of PCR tubes. This heater keeps its temperature at 110 degree celsius for whole process to avoid dew condensation inside PCR tube. NTC thermistor is glued and connected directly to analog input of Arduino because its precision is not a problem

PCR Tube

You may be surprised that I (Shingo) am not familiar with PCR. Anyway, plastic tube with measured drop of something important.

Well Block

Only one milling parts in NinjaPCR. Made by heat conductive aluminium A1080 to keep temperatures of all PCR tubes same. NTC thermistor is glued inside of small hole on its side using heat conductive glue. Precision of this thermistor should be less than 0.1 degree celsius so it's connected to 22bit ADC MCP3551SN and Arduino reads its SPI output.


Connected to Pololu motor driver carrier. By changing voltages, peltier can be used for heating and cooling. Disadvantage of peltier is durability and you may need to replace if it doesn't work well after times. Statistics how many heat cycles will deteriorate peltier is needed but if you use expensive durable one, it will get longer.


LGA1156/1155/1150 top flow type heatsink works well. If you get big one, you may need to stretch 3D model to fit.

Arduino UNO

Never use Arduino Leonardo! ATmega32U4 is not enough smart for this purpose.

Diagrams, Shopping List and BOM

Block diagram



MCP3551 2SK2232 VNH5019 Motor Driver Carrier 103JT-025 NXFT15XH103FA2B100 Peltier Arduino UNO Heatsink Heater(11.3V19W)



NinjaPCR sch.jpeg NinjaPCR brd.jpeg

Things to buy

  1. Shopping list
  2. BOM (Bill of materials)

Make your own exterior box by laser cutting

3dcapture wood.png

  • CorelDRAW data is here
  • If you make other format like Adobe, please share with us!

Make your own tube holders and frames by metal working

3dcapture metal.png

  • 3D models are here
  • If you make other format like Solidworks and trihedral figure, please share with us!

Make your own PCB, Print Circuit Board

3dcapture pcb.png

  • EAGLE data is here.
  • If you make other format like KiCad, please share with us!

Make your own program

  • Install NinjaPCR ChromeApp from ChromeWebStore. Sources are here.
  • Get codes by clicking "Clone in Desktop" or "Download ZIP" on Github and write arduino/NinjaPCR/NinjaPCR.ino to your ArduinoUNO.
  • Sources for Arduino are here. You may need to change values in thermistors.cpp to calibrate your thermistor for well block.
  • How to calibrate NinjaPCR

Make your own NinjaPCR - Assemble and Calibration

3dcapture all.png

  • //TODO Instructions to be noted.

I made it!

  • Congratulations! Please note here to share how you made it.