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Please note that you should not order PCB, Heater, Wood and Metals before getting all other parts. You may have to change 3d models first to suit to your latch or something.


PCR tubes like this 16pcs or more


Screw M3

6mm (Flat Head) 8pcs, 8mm (Hex) 8pcs, 15mm (Hex) 27pcs, 20mm (Hex) 8pcs, 25mm (Any Head) 3pcs

Screw M4

12mm (Any Head) 4pcs, 30mm (Hex) 4pcs

Screw M5

10mm (Pan Head) 4pcs


M3 3mm (Plastic) 3pcs, M3 10mm (Plastic) 4pcs, M5 (No need if heatsink fits) 4pcs


M3 (Steel) 4pcs, M3 (Plastic) 4pcs, M3 8mm long (Plastic) 4pcs


M3 30pcs, M4 4pcs


M6 25mm or more 1pcs

Furniture Goods

Latch-for-cover 1pcs

Latch-for-basement 1pcs

Hinge 1pcs

Spring 4pcs

PC Parts

Pertier 1pcs

Heatsink (LGA1156/1155/1150 top flow type) 1pcs

Heat conductive grease 1pcs

Heat conductive glue 1pcs

FanGuard 1pcs

12V AC Adapter over 135W (12+A) 1pcs

Hex wrench, proper one for hex screw you bought 1pcs

Cooking thermometer to calibrate 1pcs

Electric Parts

RubberFoot 4pcs

Arduino UNO 1pcs

MCP3551SN 1pcs

2SK2232 2pcs

Polar Capacitor 1000uF 1pcs

Polar Capacitor 3300uF 1pcs

Terminal block TB112A-2-8 1pcs

Pinhead for heatsink cable 1pcs

DC Jack 1pcs

//TODO remove jumper 1pcs

//TODO remove pinhead 1x2 1pcs

Pololu Motor Driver 1pcs

Pinhead for Pololu 1x14 1pcs

R1 counter registance for well thermistor 1pcs

R3 counter registance for heater thermistor 1pcs

R5 to turn on/off heater and heatsink 2pcs

thermistor for well 1pcs

PCB factory

PCB 1pcs

Heater factory

Heater 1pcs


300mm x 400mm x 5.5mm (5mm is ok) 2pcs


300mm x 495mm x 5.5mm (5mm is ok) 1pcs

Metalworking factory

ST001-basement (Steel) 1pcs

ST002-cover (Steel) 1pcs

ST003-heater (Steel) 1pcs

AL001-pad-between-heatsink-and-well (Aluminium) 1pcs

AL002-well-3mm-distance-48mm (Aluminium) 1pcs

AL003-heater (Aluminium) 1pcs