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Google announced that Chrome App Store will be closed in the second half of 2017. Apps won't launch early 2018.

To keep NinjaPCR available to everyone, we decided to upgrade NinjaPCB from version 1 to 2.

NinjaPCB ver1.png

This is the system configuration diagram of current NinjaPCR. NinjaPCB ver1 is just an Arduino shield. Arduino UNO communicates with Chrome App via USB cable.

NinjaPCB ver2.png

This is the diagram of NinjaPCB ver2. Arduino is replaced to onboard ESP-WROOM-02 which works as Arduino and web server.

So you can control NinjaPCR from any browser on your PC or smartphone.

Initial setup will be like this:

1. Solder NinjaPCB ver2

2. Connect USB-Serial adapter to NinjaPCB and upload latest firmware using Arduino IDE

3. Open Serial Monitor of Arduino IDE. You can set WiFi SSID and password interactively.

4. NinjaPCB retrieve IP address and show it on Serial Monitor. for example

5. Open from your browser within same WiFi network. You will find settings and graphs.